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Beam ABT series 250m -..ALARM - Beam ABT series 250m Outdoor

Beam ABT series 250m -..ALARM - Beam ABT series 250m Outdoor

– Scanning distance: 250m Outdoor, 750m Indoor
– Adjustable angle: ± 90° (Horizontal), ± 10° (Vertical)
– Response time: 50 – 700ms
– Alarm output: AC/DC30V/0.5A max
– Power supply: DC13.8 ~ 24V
– Dimensions (H)x(W)x(D): 171x82x77mm
– Weight: 2Kg
– Connection to wired alarm centers: KS-58E, KS-899 , KS-899GSM, NX

- Karassn ABT-250 4-beam photo head connects to wired alarm centers : KS-858E, KS-899, KS-899GSM, simple design, friendly, easy to use and helps customers when using . Receiving/transmitting distance: 250m Outdoor, 750m Indoor. Adjustment angle: ± 90° (Horizontal), ± 15° (Vertical). Response time: 50 – 700ms. Karassn 4-beam photo head is manufactured from Korean technology, so you can be completely assured about the quality and price, so it is suitable for offices, factories, factories, bookstores, gold shops, and private homes. etc…

-Infrared rays have strong intensity, high quality and durable infrared ray emitter.
-Self-adjusting dual-beam infrared fence for outdoor, can withstand harsh weather conditions such as rain, fog, snow...
-The circuit and lens have a special anti-fake filter feature, preventing interference from the power source. Light shines directly on the sensor.
-Infrared sensors have the ability to process signals quickly, reliably and accurately.
-Lightning protection design.
-The device case is made from high quality PC plastic that is crack-resistant, long-lasting, water-proof and dust-proof.
- Tamper switch: when a stranger removes the ABT fence illegally, the tamper will send a warning signal to the homeowner.