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Sabre Security Mart is an online retailer and wholesaler of new-age, high-tech security systems in KZN. Our security hyper store stocks a vast range of some of the most well-known and top security brands around today. Our company is a leading provider of biometric access control, time attendance, entrance control systems and security software solutions in South Africa. We pride ourselves on client satisfaction and continually provide our customers with competitive prices for security related products in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Our industry-leading products are reliable, efficient and will give you peace-of-mind. We are importers, manufacturers, suppliers and installers of advanced biometric hardware and software solutions. Our website is always up-to-date with the latest and most innovative security technology on the market. Whether you’re looking for smart home devices, turnstiles or video surveillance products, we have it all and much more. Browse through our website and choose from over 600 products and counting. Enjoy affordable prices on ZKTeco, Paxton, Hikvision and Sonoff products.

Security Products At Cost-Effective Prices Across All Suburbs Of KZN

Get on the cutting edge of security with dynamic facial recognition cameras, optical fingerprint scanners and contemporary wireless smart home security devices. For businesses looking for complete time attendance solutions, we have a versatile range that will suit your budget and your needs. Our product range also includes the latest in biometric technology for companies that are serious about upgrading their security systems. We have also extended our range to include software solutions for guarding and security companies.

Sabre Security Mart is proud to introduce bVigilant incident management software. Click this link and read all about this powerful cloud and mobile based software that has everything a security company needs. We are also stockists of dependable turnstiles, face and fingerprint recognition devices, metal detectors and a host more of the most intelligent security solutions online in KZN. Navigate your way through our user-friendly website today for a system designed to suit your business.

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Specialists Providers Of The Following Security Solutions:

  • Time Attendance Solutions – By purchasing our versatile time attendance terminals, you will improve the productivity of your employees. Our systems adopt the most advanced biometric technology.
  • Access Control Systems – At Sabre Security Mart, you will find a selection of biometric fingerprint readers, facial recognition devices and accessories that are designed to make your business operate smoother and easier.


  • Smart Home Automation – We are stockists of leading home automation brands such as Sonoff and Broadlink. Shop smart switches, smart wifi plugs, Google Hubs and much more.
  • Entrance Control – Control entrance to your place of business with state-of-the-art turnstiles and barriers. We have a vast selection of pedestrian and vehicle products that include flap barriers, license plate recognition cameras and more.
  • Video Surveillance – Sabre focuses on providing you with affordable and hi-tech security cameras for video surveillance in the KZN security market.
  • Smart Locks – We have an impressive collection of digital door locks for office and home. They are easy-to-use, convenient and allow key-free access.
  • Security Company Software – Our software products provide guarding and security companies with unique solutions. View our range and find the correct fit for your business.
  • Security Inspection Equipment – Shop hand-held metal detectors and X-Ray machines that are ideal for use in government and corporate buildings, transportation companies hotels, airports, train stations and more.
  • Electric Fencing - Our electric fencing products are sure to suit your requirements. Shop for powerful energizers, fencing brackets, fencing wire and cables.
  • Turnstiles & Barriers – We have the ideal solutions and services for security inspection at public spaces. Get your durable and state-of-the art turnstiles and barriers right here and enjoy nationwide hassle-free delivery options.
  • Breathalysers – Law-enforcement and private individuals are welcome to purchase our breathalysers. They are accurate, hygienic and easy-to-use.

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The Best In Security Systems For Businesses In KZN

Sabre Security Mart is a proud family run business that focuses on providing clients with security products and support when they need it. We stock world-class international brands and supply, distribute and install them across South Africa and KZN. We have extensive experience in the security industry and promise to provide you with reliable products for your business. Gain easy access to a dynamic range when you shop in our online store.

Our ultimate goal is to become the number 1 supplier of security related hardware and software products in South Africa. We are continually adding high-quality, reliable products to our website and strive to bring them to you at prices you can afford. Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Get the security your business needs today with our diverse product range.

Are You Ready To Shop Online At Sabre Security Mart?

Sabre Security Mart has a well-establish national sales team that are ready to assist you with your purchase. We have service centres, resellers and installers across the country. Our consultants are happy to help you navigate our website and choose the right product for you. We are available via email, whatsapp or a phone call. Get in touch with us today and get at the fore-front of security technology today.

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