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 SabreDesktop / SabreCloud / SabreMobile
(Developed with the aid of ZKTeco software developers for SA conditions)

A comprehensive solution for time and attendance management that seamlessly integrates with payroll systems, including Sabre Pay Slip. Developed since 2004, SabreDesktop remains a reliable and affordable offline solution, trusted by clients ranging from small businesses to enterprises with over 8,000 staff.

Key Features:
  - Full time and attendance tracking
  - Integration with payroll systems, including Sabre Payroll & Pay Slip
  - Access control via ZKTeco, HikVision, and Sagem Readers through Impro Portal integration
  - Options for cell phone clocking and 3G device clocking
  - Job costing and visitor management solutions
  - Suitable for residential applications

Our cutting-edge, 100% cloud-based solution developed since 2020. No on-site software installation is required, covering a broad range of automated functions.

  • Key Features:
      - Automated data collection
      - Automated calculations
      - Automated reporting via email, WhatsApp, or SMS
      - No software installation needed on site

SabreMobile - Free with SabreCloud
Developed alongside SabreCloud, this mobile application for Android and iOS allows real-time management of staff.

- Key Features:
  - Schedule call outs and monitor staff locations
  - Track staff time at various sites
  - Receive notifications if key staff are not present
  - GPS Geo-Location clocking with real-time monitoring

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Let us know your budget, and we will tailor a solution to meet your needs. We offer flexible deals, including hardware options with no monthly fees. We can even integrate with your existing hardware to save you money.

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