MultiPlug 5+5 + Cord
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MultiPlug 5+5 + Cord

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Multi Plug 5x16A,  5x5A,  0.5m + Cord

Multi Plug 5x16A,  5x5A,  0.5m + Cord

5 X16Amp 4X 5Amp1 x Shucko
Overload Protection
0.5 Cord Moulded Plug
SABS Approved

10-way multi-plug that is made up of 5x16A 3-pin sockets, 4x 5A 2-pin sockets and 1x 5A 2-pin round socket. This multi-plug has a half meter cord with a moulded IEC plug and offers overload protection.


2-Pin Sockets: 4x 5A
2-Pin Sockets (Round): 1x 5A
3-Pin Sockets: 5x 16A
Cord: 0.5m cord with moulded IEC plug
Overload Protection: Yes