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Sabre Security Mart are industry leaders of the latest technology in home and business security systems in Johannesburg. Our online security hyper store is jam-packed with a wide range of home automation products, surveillance cameras, access control and time attendance systems and much more. We have something that will suit your business security needs, lifestyle and budget. We make it our business to be at the forefront of cutting-edge security tech.

Our virtual shopping mall stocks affordable security related products to businesses across Johannesburg and surrounding areas. We are committed to customer service and offer secure payment processing and cost effective shipping rates. Our range of Sabre products are especially designed to make the latest security solutions affordable, accessible, user-friendly and easy to use. These are just some of the reasons you should choose to shop with us. 

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Johannesburg's No.1 Security Online Store

If you have been searching for affordable and cutting-edge security systems for home or business in Johannesburg, then choose Sabre. We proudly boast a large selection of top-notch products and are official distributors of brands such as ZKTeco, Sonoff, Hikvision, Paxton and a host more. We will continue to provide our customers with the best products on the market at the best value the security industry can offer. The bottom line is that your home and business security couldn't be in better hands. 

Our customer base is strengthening and our products are in ever-growing demand across the business and private sectors. Part of our mission is to help you dramatically increase the operational efficiency of your business with our state-of-the-art entrance control systems, access control systems, fingerprint terminals and biometric technology. 

Affordable, High-Tech Security Systems Across All Suburbs Of Johannesburg.

  • Access Control Systems – It’s time to streamline your entry system with high our performance, user friendly devices that include access control terminals that apply the most advanced SilkID technology.
  • Time Attendance Terminals – Our high-tech and revolutionary fingerprint readers will allow you to accurately manage employee attendance. Our unique palm recognition machines are innovative and provide total time attendance solutions.
  • Smart Home Automation & Security – Managing your smart home from just about anywhere has never been easier. We stock smart wifi switches, plugs, wireless IP security cameras and lots more. Best of all, with our home automation range, our prices are negotiable so the more you order, the cheaper you will pay.
  • Smart Locks - Open and lock your doors with a virtual key of fingerprint, face, code, or RFID card. Our smart locks are new generation of digital door locks for office and home that eliminate the frustration of searching for lost keys.
  • Turnstiles & Barriers - Sabre Security Mart presents a huge variety of turnstiles and barriers for a range of applications. They are easy to install, operate and maintain. Best of all, our turnstiles and can also be easily integrated with third party solutions.
  • Security Inspection Equipment – Shop cost-effective walk through metal detectors that offer you 18 detection zones and 256 sensitivity levels. We also stock dependable, flexible and intelligent security solutions in the form of high end x-ray inspection systems.
  • Video Surveillance - Together with ZKTeco devices, and in partnership with Sabre, we will take your security to another level. Our focus is on providing hi-tech security cameras for video surveillance in the Johannesburg security market. Check out our long distance and wide dynamic facial recognition cameras along with the AI technology. Included in our range are license plate recognition cameras that have automatic mode providing users with an intelligent, convenient, and flawless experience.
  • Security Company Software – At Sabre we supply clients with the bVigilant incident management software for security companies. This is a must-have cloud and mobile based security management software designed for guarding and security companies. We also stock ZKTeco’s large and versatile range of time attendance software options.
  • Entrance Control – We believe that turnstiles should be an essential addition to your entrance control plan. State-of-the-art Turnstiles and barriers improve the operational efficiency of your business. Our products can also be integrated with third party solutions.
  • Breathalysers - Drastically reduce the risk of alcohol-related accidents with alcohol detection devices that include the Alcosan and Alcovisor ranges. It’s never been easier to execute breath alcohol tests with speed and precision.
  • Electric Fencing - Our range of electric fencing products are designed to suit your requirements. We stock the powerful Merlin range of energizers that offer users customized solutions. Shop fencing brackets, fencing wire, cables, brackets and a whole lot more.
  • Self Defense Weapons - Explore our selection of Byrna self defense weapons and ammunition that provide you with increased personal protection.

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Our Sabre team of highly experienced security consultants are available to help and support you during your buying process. Contact us now. We are ready to assist you in selecting the right product for the right application. We have a diverse range of security related hardware & software products.  We have a well-established national sales team backed up with installers, resellers and product service centers around South Africa.


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