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Sabre Security Mart are distributors of a vast range of security systems from some of the most trusted and leading global brands. We supply an extensive range of top-class products at cost-effective prices to trade & industry. We pride ourselves on our customer service and will continue to build relationships with our clients across South Africa. Rest assured that you will be able to seamlessly integrate our innovative access control equipment with time attendance software and more. Sabre is more than just an online security store. We have a knowledgeable sales team ready to assist you.

We are a family run business founded in 1996 and since 2010, we since have diversified into the full range of all security related hardware and software products. Our well-established national sales team is backed up with installers, resellers & product service centres across the country. Sabre was the original importer of ZKTeco products to South Africa from 2004, then called ZKSoftware products, and is today one of a few Platinum distributors nationally in South Africa.

Our company is a leading service provider of biometric access control, Time and Attendance and payroll solutions to Government, Municipalities, Parastatals, business and individuals in and outside of South Africa.

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Edenvale’s Leading Supplier of Security Products

We import many sundry security related products through 247 Technologies and distribute a vast amount of other well-known brands such as Impro, Sagem, Sherlotronics products, Centurion Systems, ET, Nemtek, Commax, Hikvision, Dahua, Kocom, IDS, ZKTeco, Airphone, Sonoff Home Automation, and many more. Apart from some of our own software development, we also manufacture products such as turnstiles and controllers for breathalyzers/biometric integration and other products.

If your business in Edenvale is in dire need of an upgraded access control or time attendance system, then we are your go-to store. Sabre has unrivalled expertise as distributors to the South African security industry. Our online hyper-store stocks more than 700 products from innovative, high quality and competitively priced CCTV Cameras, security inspection equipment, temperature detection, software and a whole lot more.

In pursuing its goal of identifying opportunities and creating appropriate vehicles for focused business engagement, Sabre is currently active in the following business sectors:


  • Sabre License Plate Recognition (Free Flow and Parking)
  • Sabre Payroll • Sabre Full Time and Attendance solutions including integration to the Sabre Payroll and all other Payrolls (VIP / Pastel / Payday and others)
  • Sabre Access Control with number plate recognition system integration
  • Sabre Job Costing
  • Sabre Residential management
  • Sabre Visitor solutions (Android)
  • Sabre One-Finger, and the ACE personal identification and validation solution.

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Our Distribution & Services Include:

  • Distribution of all security products, including barriers and turnstiles
  • Distribution of Sabre hardware and software products
  • E-scan anti-virus software distribution
  • Sabre CCTV Camera systems and related products and technology, installation and monitoring including the SSV color capture camera for night time filming
  • Mobile Digital Video and Audio Recording systems and monitoring centres
  • Automated gates – manufacturing and installation
  • Alarm and fire control systems
  • Installation of network cabling
  • Stainless steel and aluminium fabrication equipment for hospitals, abattoirs, Nestlé S.A., Buchman Laboratories, Ushaka Marine World, Sun Casinos, Group 5 International etc.
  • Partner of Computer Aid International for refurbished computer laboratories, installations, repair/replace/insurance policies and training
  • Skills transfer and training for young men and women in IT Biometric access control and time and attendance fields

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Security Systems Suppliers & Distributors

  • Entrance Control – Your security should begin with controlled access that’s why Sabre offers complete entrance control solutions that can also be easily integrated with third party solutions. Our turnstiles and barriers will meet your most demanding threat detection needs all while improving operational efficiency.
  • Time Attendance Terminals – Enter, track and improve the time and attendance of your employees with our selection advanced biometric technology. Our terminals are versatile and innovative and will reduce the risk of costly payroll errors.
  • Access Control Systems – Our access control systems are built for the challenges facing South African businesses today. It’s imperative that you have a streamlined system that offers benefits such as advanced SilkID technology. We stock affordable and user-friendly standalone access control devices and more.
  • Turnstiles & Barriers – Shop high-quality and durable turnstiles and barriers that will help balance security and visitor management. Get the latest optical or full height turnstiles that can be integrated with third party solutions.
  • Smart Home Automation & Security – Take home automation to the next level with our smart home automation systems and products. Enjoy personalised smart living experiences with products that are designed to make your life easier, safer, convenient and more comfortable.
  • Smart Locks – Unlock a world of convenience with our range of smart locks. They are electromechanical locks designed to perform locking and unlocking operations with a virtual key of fingerprint, face, code, or RFID card. No more searching for lost keys/
  • Security Inspection Equipment – When it comes to a dependable security solution, choose our X-Ray inspection systems and hand-held and walk-through metal detectors. Detect and prevent dangerous threats with our high-end systems that are guaranteed to make you feel safer.
  • Video Surveillance – Step up your video surveillance with our range of indoor and outdoor CCTV & Video Surveillance products. Our online store also stocks long distance and wide dynamic facial recognition cameras.
  • Security Company Software – Get new-age security software solutions with the CardPresso intuitive access control software suited for medium to large facilities. For guarding and security companies, why not purchase our bVigilant incident management software. We stock a wide range so visit our online store for more options.
  • Electric Fencing – Enjoy unparalleled protection and ensure you and your loved ones stay safe with our innovative electric fencing solutions for commercial or home use. 
  • Breathalysers –  Portable alcohol test devices that will help you execute breath alcohol tests with speed and precision. Suitable for professional or private use.

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