bVigilant - Security Company Software

          Incident Management Software for Security Companies

                  bVigilant solution is "tech in a box" User-friendly and powerful.



A cloud based API security management system designed for small to medium size guarding and security companies. bVigilant has everything a security company needs without the upfront costs. The software efficiently manages and tracks your security personnel activity 24/7, increasing productivity and reducing costs.


   Reporter Mobile App: with panic button. The app can also be used to report non-life threatening events via video, camera and audio.

   Responder Mobile App: allows the relevant responder to receive an alert and immediately accept the incident from a reporter/customer, adding notes, audio, video and or images via the mobile App. The control room will know in real time and can also task and refer the case or incident to any other person from the security company

   Reports: system capturing trends, heat maps & more. 

   Electronic and mobile clock in and clock out: (Time & Attendance) Secure PC-based clocking or mobile clocking enables remote employees to securely clock in from any location 24/7 using a mobile device or web browser, or with the Mobile Time and Attendance App.

   POI: Person of interest analysis with anomaly detection and behaviour analytics

   Command: and control centre, white labelled SIDSA approved. 

    Who Is Behind bVigilant? 

Mshtarii Investments developed a software system that was successfully tested and implemented at the Durban port to run all operations in 2017. It was also used by the Office of the Premier in KZN. The system had been built as an incident and case management system (ICMS) capable of:

   Truck Turn Around (Vehicle tracking) 

   Berth Sensors (Berth Occupancy)

   Drone Management

   Mobile Port Asset Management.




Millions were being spent conceptualising, developing, testing and using this advanced management system. The security industry in South Africa was identified as a major opportunity and this multi-million rand software system was adapted to this industry. bVigilant was born. 


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