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Sabre Products offers the latest range of Sabre biometric hardware and software solutions including installation, training, warranties and 3 – 5 year maintenance plans. We are industry leaders in manufacturing, developing, importing, supplying and distributing security related products in South Africa.

Looking for the best solution for all your home and business security needs? Then Sabre Security Mart should be your one-stop online shop. We boast a large collection of conveniently-priced security products for the South African market.


Cutting-Edge Access Control Systems 


Access control systems

Our cutting-edge access control systems include networked access control panels, card readers, tripod turnstiles and a range of accessories. It’s time to streamline your entry system with our high-performance and extremely user friendly devices.

Our security superstore stock a selection of cost-effective access control systems and innovative biometric fingerprint readers that offer users unparalleled performance. It is now easy than ever to control visitor and employee access with top-notch biometric access control.


                                    Innovative Time Attendance and Biometric Technology


If you’re searching for the most versatile range of time management solutions in South Africa, then you have come to the right place. At Sabre Security Mart, we offer consumers the opportunity to radically enhance employee productivity. Our selection of advanced biometric technology and versatile terminals are available at affordable prices.

Our unique time attendance solutions include innovative facial, fingerprint and palm recognition machines. Our high-tech and revolutionary fingerprint readers will allow you to accurately manage your employee attendance. New features include Silk ID technology and accurate and efficient verification. 

                                                     State-Of-The-Art Entrance Control


Dramatically improve the operational efficiency of your business with our state-  of-the-art entrance control systems. We stock a range of turnstiles ad barriers that are easy to operate, maintain and install. Sabre Security Mart are industry leaders when it comes to entrance control systems in South Arica.

Our security products should be an essential addition to your entrance control plan. Shop a collection of versatile and compact turnstiles and barriers that are designed to operate in small work spaces. For smooth and silent operation, why not try our highly durable dual-lane tripod turnstile series. Best of all, our products can also be integrated with third party solutions.

                                                     Metal Detectors and X-Ray Machines


We stock dependable walk-through metal detectors that offer users 18 detection zones and 256 sensitivity levels. Sabre also offers you flexible, intelligent security solutions with our high-end x-ray inspection systems that are widely used in transportation, government, corporate, hotels, airports, at logistic companies, concert venues and a host more.

Speed up your security with compact and easy-to-use hand held metal detectors that feature sound and vibration effects. They can detect the size of objects as well as visualise different colours using a detection indicator right in the middle of its main body.

                                                     Video Surveillance


Sabre Security Mart are 100% focused on supplying you with hi-tech security cameras for video surveillance. Together with ZKTeco, we provide you with competitive prices on a range of long distance and wide dynamic facial recognition cameras that boast AI technology.

Take your security to another level with cameras that have an advanced software backend and a mobile App. A perfect choice for entry level users will be our analogue HD cameras and our NVR’s or Network Video Recorders

                                                               Smart Locks


It’s high time you enjoyed peace-of-mind with our electro-mechanical smart locks. They include a host of useful features. Now you can open and lock your doors with a virtual key of fingerprint, face, code, or RFID card.

Dealing with lost keys has now become a thing of the past. We stock hotel locks that are super-easy to install and program. Key-free access is here in the form of a new generation of digital door locks for office and home.


Manufacturing, Developing, Importing & Distributing Security Related Products For The South African Market.                                    

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    Official Distributor Of The Following Brands

    We also develop the most complete time & attendance and access control solutions through to any payroll or pay slip. We are an official distributor of SabreZKTeco, Centurion, Sherlotronics, Hikvision, Dahua, Evolis, Cisa, Securi-Prod, Commax and Paxton products.



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